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Cyclops Electric Fence Chargers by Taylor Fence, Inc. come in 110V AC and 12V DC models ranging from the 1.5 Joule Output Hero to the massively powerful 30 Joule Output Boss, so no matter what your fence requires from a charger, Cyclops has you covered.

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Why You Should Consider Cyclops For Your Next Fence Charger

Old Barn In a Pasture With a Lightning Strike In The Background

Best Lightning Protection

Their custom designed surge protection system provides the best lightning protection in the world with over 5000 joules of lightning protection in every Cyclops Fence Charger, so you won’t have to worry about your energizer burning out and your livestock escaping during the next thunderstorm.

Great Value Per Joule of Output

When you compare the power output in joules with electric fence chargers imported from New Zealand, Cyclops Chargers usually prevail on a price-per-joule basis. That means you either spend less, get more power for your money, and sometimes both!

Old Barn In a Pasture With a Lightning Strike In The Background

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All Cyclops Chargers are a proudly manufactured in the USA at their facility in Ashville, Alabama.

They come with a 1-year limited warranty but you can purchase an optional 3-year extended warranty directly from the manufacturer, Taylor Fence Inc. through their official website.

The AC models are designed to work on a standard NON-GFCI 110V AC outlet. In terms of output voltage, the output transformer boosts the stored voltage up to an 8000V pulse which is enough for the fence charger to be very effective without significant risk of damaging the internal components.

When comparing the power of different electric fence chargers, you should look at the Joule ratings instead of measurements like miles for an apples-to-apples comparison. That’s what puts the hurt to whatever touches your fence.

All Cyclops products are made by Taylor Fence, Inc. who are based in Ashville, Alabama.